K3 - Kerala Advertising Association

K3A is the fraternity of fellow advertising agencies in Kerala. This, in other words, is an organization of advertising agencies to safeguard the rights of ad men in this state.  The Advertising agencies in this state were struggling with each other and competing amongst themselves for survival during the past.  In fact, the advertisers as well as media talks were taking advantage of this.  The ad agencies lost their self respect and almost became the tools of both advertisers and the media.  As a result of the situation many advertisers did not care to clear the advertisement dues.  Others considered the advertisement dues as an unbound liability.  The loss of dues to advertising agencies was a common affair.  The media concentrated in collection of their dues from agencies only.  They did not interfere with the advertisers regarding nonpayment of dues to ad agencies.
    Almost every ad agency was tired off the situation and they all wanted a solution but nobody opened their mouth for fear of adverse reaction.  It was at this time, that Mr. Joseph Chavara came forward to an open discussion amongst the ad agencies to face the situation.  He called for a meeting of ad agencies at his own cost and risk.  A handful of agencies came up to listen to him.  Slowly the members increased and today almost 90% of the ad agencies have become bonafide member of the Kerala Advertising Agencies Association, generally known as K3A.