K3 - Kerala Advertising Association

The first duty of the K3A was to re-establish the dignity of ad agencies in the state.  So K3A arranged various seminars and workshop for professional escalation of the fellow agencies.  K3A has made it a practice to continue such educational and professional programmes in all relative subjects.  The latest seminar was on the advanced Digital Publicity System.
    Another important move in the early stage was to collect the pending dues of members.  K3A contacted several defaulting advertisers and persuaded them to clear the advertisement dues, with the association of media.  This resulted in better way.  Many of the members received their pending dues.  Moreover it created an impression amongst the advertisers that advertising dues is also bound for timely clearance and part of their right liabilities.
    K3A conducted elections and forward zonal wise governing committees to solve the local problems within the zone and organized central office and governing office bearers to handle state level matters.  K3A is able to maintain good relationship with media, advertisers and fellow agencies in all levels.  Each ad agency is living and conducting his business with dignity and respect in the society.
    During this span of nearly 10 years K3A has conducted three Ad fest of Kerala in pompous manner inviting renowned media persons and professionals and with many attractive programmes.  The first Ad fest was in Munnar and the rest were in Thekkady and Kochi, all blessed by beauty of nature and climate.