K3 - Kerala Advertising Association

               From the inception, K3A is arranging various social, cultural and educative programmes for the benefit of members and their staff.  The members are only happy to share the responsibilities and work for the success of each programme. 

                K3A is honouring top business men and other Successful eminent personalities.  K3A is publishing Diaries every year.  We include advertisements in the diaries and charge them reasonable rates to meet funds for the expenses.  We also engage sponsors for various item of expenses in Ad fest etc. so that the heavy portions of expenses are met with by them.

                We allow interested members to participate in various contests for designing, copy writing etc.  For these, we collect reasonable fees to meet the expenses.

                K3A membership is charged Rs.5000/- per annum.  We collect advertisements for our advantage magazine coming out once in three months, from which we gain revenue for the expenses.